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~a shooting starlight~

29 October 1982
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Current layout uses pictures from Hellsing Vol. 4, and brushes from Annika von Holdt.

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I'm a fifth year university student working towards a degree in psychology, specifically studying sex, gender and human sexuality, and as you can see, my sense of humor can get a little strange.

Standard Facts
Name: Meg ("The Great One")
Nicks: Catwoman, CW, ElsewhereCW, Elsewhere
Birthday: October 29th
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Blood Type: Unknown (either A or O)
Hobby: Fanfiction
Club Membership: Go-home! Always have been, always will be.
Favorite Food: Beef *drools*
Favorite School Subject: Sex (No, I really do study sex.)
Least Favorite School Subject: Math
Has Trouble With: Mini-Games
Death Move: Star Totally-Insensitive "Oh shit I tripped on my PS-2 and went splat on the floor again"

I don't drive, cook, live on my own, or do almost anything that would warrant calling me a responsible adult. (Actually, now I do live on my own, but I still don't do anything else that would warrant calling me a responsible adult.) I eat, sleep, breathe, attend university, periodically work, read books, play video games, watch anime/TV, and read and write fanfiction.

I'm a total fanfic fanatic. I've cycled back around, as I always inevitably do, to my obsession with Babylon 5, so that's the fandom I'm most likely to be writing as of late.

Juvenile, stupid fics (a comment directed towards the author rather than the fabulous webmistress, the wonderful noelleleithe) written between the ages of about 14 and 17 can be found here:

Fics written since then for video games and anime can be found at the following websites:
as well as archived in the memories of this journal.


Communities I mod:
kinksquickwrite (Co-mod.)
chrno_yuri (Co mod.)

My journal itself isn't Friends Only, but a lot of personal entries are. If I've friended you it's because I'm interested in reading your LJ, and I've taken an interest either by finding you through some community or because we share a number of interests. Don't feel obligated to friend me in return. Those who friend me will generally get friended in return, once I notice. ^^; If I unfriend you, I do so without any intended offense or malice; usually it means that our common interests have changed and I no longer tend to read your journal. Simple as that.

Visit my little sister at: ra_se_n

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